New money for the real world. Backed by real gold.

Embrace the stability of gold, the excitement of cryptocurrency, the growth of real world equity investing, and the freedom to spend without surveillance.

We call it New Money™.

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Hold & earn REAL Gold

Accumulate reflections…
as real gold.

Earn real gold, simply by holding. Passively receive PAXG into your account as a regenerative reward for your participation. Whether you’re building your gold reserves, cashing out through Brinks, or spending via our future vision called ShadowPay, your investment grows in perpetuity. Easy. Revolutionary. Golden.

Own Real Gold

Grow Portfolio Effortlessly

Cash Out Anytime

Access Physical Gold

Future Spending

Spend with ShadowPay

Own Real Gold

Start holding real gold

For newcomers and seasoned investors alike, this is your passport to building a gold portfolio effortlessly. Accumulate PAXG as reflections from holding ShadowGold, and watch your tangible wealth expand over time.
Cash Out Anytime

Choose to cash out as real gold anytime

Embrace the option to convert your digital gold holdings into physical gold. Because your holdings are 1:1 backed in secure vaults, you can choose to cash out your PAXG reflections for physical gold, courtesy of Brinks.
Future Everyday Spend

Spend your gold with ShadowPay

ShadowGold goes beyond accumulation, offering flexibility for the future. With the final puzzle piece of ShadowPay, your reflections can soon become fluid, spendable, and ready to change how you think about using gold for everyday transactions.

Redefine Wealth Management

Financial freedom made effortless.

Real Gold Backing

A 50% portion of the ShadowGold Liquidity Pool is backed by a verified 1:1 store of real gold (PAXG), providing a stable anchor of value. The remaining 50% is backed by MATIC, ensuring a unique blend of stablity and growth potential.


Democratized Equity Index Investing

Traditionally reserved for the privileged few, ShadowGold grants all holders access to high-growth investment opportunities through a dedicated equity index bucket held in the real world, paid back into the ecosystem quarterly.

Effortless Anonymous Spending

Completely bypassing the archaic duopoly of Visa® and Mastercard®, ShadowGold uniquely piggybacks off of existing card-agnostic payment gateway infrastructures to let you spend your gold profits anonymously.

Hold. Earn. Gold.

Transform your holdings into tangible wealth, automatically.

Secure & stable backing

A significant portion of the liquidity pool is backed by real gold (PAXG) for a strong foundation, fostering confidence in your investment. Gold prices reliably rise with economic uncertainty, inflation, and demand.

An ecosystem that just works.

We are now leveraging Polygon’s Proof of Stake (PoS) network, combining efficient, secure transactions with expansive user adoption for our platform. MATIC is fast, low-cost, secure, scalable and trusted by PAXG. 

Trust & Transparency

Founded in 2021, our team earns holder trust, transparency, and resilience. We are 100% focused on new money, with the fierce protection of innocent transactions worldwide. Always here. Always striving.

Passive Rewards

Democratizing gold breaks centuries-old barriers. We want to make it accessible to all, not just the elite. It’s the first step towards new money. The foundation to challenge old and stuffy norms of wealth.

Growth Potential

By merging gold’s timeless stability with crypto’s dynamism and equity investing’s growth prospects, we want to be at the helm of a new era of financial freedom and exponential growth.

Unmask Financial Freedom

Fiercely protect your privacy. It’s your basic human right.

ShadowGold prioritizes your anonymity and will always fight for financial freedom outside of surveillance capitalism. Our innovative Persona™ technology and “don’t ask, don’t store, can’t tell” data policy ensure your financial privacy. Every interaction with us, every transaction, every action is yours alone. 

Seamlessly Spend Your Gold – COMING SOON

The liquid ecosystem

ShadowGold bridges the gap between gold and daily life. Our visions for the future will let you effortlessly spend with gold using existing card-agnostic payment gateways. 

Democratize Investment Returns

Invest like the few

Traditionally, equity investing has been a privilege of the few, gatekeeping significant wealth creation. ShadowGold disrupts this status quo by channeling real-world investments and returning profits directly to its users. It democratizes access to the high-return landscape of equity investing, ensuring that the benefits of growth and financial success are not reserved for a select few but shared widely, embodying the true spirit of inclusive prosperity.

Help Center

New money. Simple.

We’ve taken strides to evolve from our past convoluted value propositions to those that ring home with the utmost clarity. 

If you still have questions, connect with us at @ShadowFiOfficial

Why the move to Polygon PoS?

Transitioning from Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to Polygon addresses key limitations, including BSC’s higher transaction fees and network congestion. Polygon promises enhanced scalability, lower costs, and a commitment to future-proofing through continuous innovation in security and efficiency. This strategic shift not only optimizes operational performance but also aligns with our vision of being pioneers in the digital gold space. As we embrace Polygon’s advanced infrastructure, our goal is to become the largest holder of PAXG on the network, positioning us as a major player in a vibrant but less crowded ecosystem—a big fish in a growing pond, leading the charge in revolutionizing asset tokenization and ownership.

Do I need to KYC?

Never. No ID, 360-degree face scan, or other form of personally identifiable information is required to provide you with the full suite of services.

It’s DeFi, free from the floodlights of surveillance capitalism.

When will the payment system drop?

The launch of our payment gateway is our ultimate milestone, signifying our end game commitment to innovation and financial empowerment. For now, let’s embrace the present: trading and transactions backed by gold, payouts in gold, all powered by the robust Polygon network. This foundation allows us to focus on generating value through real-world investments, fueling our ecosystem and preparing us for the next leap forward. 

How can I buy ShadowGold?

ShadowGold is available to purchase on the Polygon PoS network. Check the button at the top of the page to buy.

What wallets are supported?

Connect using Metamask or any Wallet Connect supported wallet. It’s that easy.

Our living whitepaper is now here

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New money for the real world. Backed by real gold.

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