Please read the following before claiming a card.

ShadowFi cards are an excellent way to spend online and over the phone while protecting your personal information.  As with any other virtual prepaid Visa® (or MasterCard®) cards, their use may be limited or blocked at the discretion of particular regions or territories. Do not claim a card if you are in a location where merchants are known to block prepaid cards. As with any prepaid card, you cannot use them to: 1) purchase other gift cards, 2) withdraw cash from an ATM, or 3) ‘top up’ online money accounts. Be sure to use any real physical billing address and set your VPN to the same country as your billing address (especially when checking out via Shopify). Prohibited regions include, but are not limited to: Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, North Korea, Russian Federation, Ukraine and Turkey. Due to recent law changes and AML measures, cards are currently restricted in Indonesia, Germany, Brazil, China, India, and Singapore. We are working on overcoming these restrictions with our contactless product. Please note that the list of prohibited and restricted countries and regions is always subject to change in response to local laws and merchant trends. Further, as with any prepaid card, even in permitted countries and regions, their use is at the discretion of the individual merchant. Only claim higher denomination cards if you have already successfully used these cards. If address verification fails for you, please set your billing address to: 468 N Camden Dr Beverly Hills 90210. Remember, we are working on bringing you contactless cards that will be more usable and less restricted.